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Woven Wire Cloth

Howard Wire Cloth Company Stocks a Wide Variety of Woven Wire Cloth in Our Hayward, California Facilities.

Below you will find some of our available options:

Wire Mesh

Available Alloys Commonly Stocked

  • Aluminum Woven Wire Cloth
  • Brass Woven Wire Cloth
  • Copper Woven Wire Cloth
  • Galvanized Woven Wire Cloth
  • Plain Steel Woven Wire Cloth
  • Stainless Steel 304/316 Woven Wire Cloth

Wire Mesh

Specialty Alloys for Custom Orders

  • Carpenter 20 Wire Cloth
  • Hastelloy Wire Cloth
  • Inconel Wire Cloth
  • Monel Wire Cloth
  • Nichrome Wire Cloth
  • Nickel Wire Cloth

Wire Mesh

Types of Weaves Commonly Stocked

  • Double Crimp
  • Double/Intermediate Crimp
  • Intermediate Crimp
  • Flat Top Crimp
  • Lock Crimp
  • Plain Weave
  • Twilled Dutch Weave
  • Twilled Weave
  • Plain Dutch Weave

Available Mesh Sizes Commonly Stocked:
(clear openings or center-to-center)

4″ x 4″ all the way down to 200 mesh (200 openings per lineal inch)

Available Wire Diameters Commonly Stocked:
.250″ all the down to .0021″